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Purpose Pantheon Private Equity Fund

Key features: Single-ticket diversification, evergreen strategy and enhanced liquidity.

Gain core private equity exposure through a single allocation, diversified by manager, geography, stage, vintage, and industry. The fund seeks to provide retail investors with a comprehensive private equity exposure that would be unobtainable using traditional single fund vehicles with high minimum investments and long lockups.

Pantheon is a leading global investor in private equity, infrastructure, real assets, and private debt. With a global private markets reputation established over 35 years ago, Pantheon has an AUM of $65 billion.

Purpose Apollo Private Credit Fund

Key features: Direct lending, unique scale, and targeted risk-adjusted returns.

Gain exposure to a broad private credit mandate, targeting areas of inefficiency in debt markets with the unique scale of Apollo’s lending platform. The Fund aims to provide investors with a stronger and more diversified path to value and a more robust risk-adjusted profile than equivalent public strategies. The Fund focuses on senior secured large corporate direct origination, broadly syndicated loans, and, to a lesser extent, middle-market direct lending.

Apollo is a global, high-growth alternative asset manager that seeks to provide excess return at every point along the risk-reward spectrum from investment grade to private equity. For more than three decades, Apollo has provided clients with an innovative and integrated investing experience and has raised over $513 billion in AUM.

Purpose Bluerock Private Real Estate Fund

Key features: Core real estate, low correlation, and high risk-adjusted returns.

Invest in a highly diversified, income-generating pool of institutional private equity real estate strategies managed by top-ranked institutional managers. The fund seeks to provide investors with a combination of income, capital appreciation, and low correlation to equity and debt markets, opening the opportunity for retail investors to invest directly alongside leading endowments and pension funds investments previously accessible only to large institutions.

Bluerock is a leading national private equity real estate asset manager with a focus on core-plus, value-add, opportunistic, and development investment strategies. Since its inception in 2002, the company has transacted over 20 million square feet of residential and commercial real estate acquisitions and has raised $7.8 billion in AUM.

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