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1. Try to avoid using market orders

When placing an order to buy or sell, we recommend using a “limit” order versus a market order.

2. Try to avoid trading first and last 5 minutes of trading day

When the market is opening or closing the market is least efficient and it may take a few minutes for the market maker to properly price the ETF – try to avoid trading during these times.

3. Look at current bid/ask quote to see where current market for the ETF is

Knowing the current bid and ask for an ETF will provide you with where the current fair value of the ETF at any point of the trading day.

4. Feel free to call us

We are always happy to assist you with information on current prices. You can reach us at


Our Guiding Principles

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News, Views& Press Releases

I’m not keen on rushing into new products until they have had time to prove themselves. But this concept looks promising, so keep an eye on it. Som Seif may have done it again.

The Star JULY 25, 2015

Purpose Investments Inc. has launched a suite of low-cost ETFs and funds as share classes within a mutual fund corporation, combining tax advantages with an array of advanced investment strategies.

Investment Executive FEBRUARY 21, 2014

Purpose Investments was created to add efficiency to the market by introducting low-cost managed investment solutions that are available to all Canadians through ETFs and mutual funds.

Financial Post JANUARY 24, 2014

Exchange-traded-fund pioneer Som Seif, the former chief executive officer of Claymore Investments, has launched a new venture that promises to offer average investors some of the sophisticated investment vehicles by at ETF prices.

The Globe and Mail DECEMBER 06, 2013

It’s little surprise the innovation comes from Purpose….

…and it was only a matter of time before he got behind a new project that shook up the ETF business.

Canadian Couch Potato NOVEMBER 14, 2013


Som Seif, President & CEO

At Purpose, we place our clients’ interests at the forefront of our business. If you have questions you would like answered that will help you understand investment strategies or our products better, please ask. If you have comments or suggestions about our business, let us know as we want to hear from you in order to better shape the future of Purpose.

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