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Purpose Investments


Som Seif

We started with a blank piece of paper. After years of experience in the industry, we knew there was a way to make success more meaningful. Using our collective wisdom as a starting point, we sketched out how to build a business that would re-imagine the way asset management works and become the leader that our industry and peers would need to look up to.

Founded on values from day one

We believed there was a way for an investment firm to put customers at the centre of everything it did. We could create success that would matter for real people and improve their lives for the better. And we could do it by finding new ways to drive superior performance while being a “positive utility” in society.

Through our core mission, we create success for investors like you. We do that by caring genuinely about the same things you do.

Since day one, our principles have been our north star. Our approaches to risk management, outcome orientation, accessibility, sustainability and transparency broke new ground. We've proactively added modern, trail-blazing approaches to reflect our values and ensure that our core mission measures up to the bar we've set for ourselves.

To do that, we’re not only leading a different way to think about investing. We're showing how a modern investment firm can discover different ways to think, and ultimately creating the type of investment experience we’d want for ourselves.

Som Seif

CEO & Founder

The principles of Purpose

Our principles live at the heart of everything we do. Together they guide how we build the firm where thoughtful Canadians invest.

Outcomes over benchmarks.

Your life isn’t based on beating a benchmark. We help you realize success through the individual outcomes that matter to you. Our team of investment professionals has seen it all, so we know that long-term outcomes are more meaningful than short-term metrics.


Proactive risk protection.

We guard our clients against risk by adding a layer of care in everything we do. We all know that markets will rise and markets will fall. None of us can change this. However, we can give you more comfort along the way.


ESG always.

A modern investment firm doesn’t need to compromise superior returns for social responsibility. We’re one of the first firms in the world to embed Environmental, Social and Governance at the foundation of how we build products. This means that when we allocate capital on behalf of our investors we both drive incredible performance and support companies they believe in.


Transparency and choice.

Our investment strategies, approaches and results are open for you to see. Find a strategy that suits you best: whether it’s a mutual fund or ETF, we’re agnostic so you can choose how you want to invest.


Value for money.

When you focus on meaningful outcomes and the person behind the investment, a quality strategy will always be worth it in the end. We continuously look to offer our clients attractive fees and, most importantly, we know our products are priced fairly for the quality of strategy they offer and the strength of returns they deliver.


Your take home.

Ultimately what matters is the dollars that end up in your pocket. Our funds are structured to maximize your tax-efficiency, using elegant and proven approaches.


Purpose Investments is a subsidiary of Purpose Unlimited