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Posted by Som Seif on Dec 16th, 2019

The Next Chapter In Our Story: A Brand New Look Reflecting the Principles That Guide Our Way

We started with just a blank piece of paper.

Then, we sketched out our vision for the principles that would lead us to reimagine the way an investment company could work. With a client-focus at the heart of everything we do, we knew we could evolve asset management and become the one-of-a-kind leader that our industry and peers would look up to.

That’s the day Purpose Investments began.

On our road to building the firm where thoughtful Canadians invest, we’ve naturally put investors at the centre of everything we do. That’s the first step in making sure our clients find meaningful long-term success through outcomes that truly matter. No matter how wild your dreams might seem, we’re here to help you make them happen.

One of our biggest dreams was to prove that we could drive superior performance while also being a positive social utility, and that the relentless pursuit of our customer-focused principles was the smartest way to make it come true.

We’ve grown in many ways over the last six years. We recently passed $8 billion in assets under management. We’ve built out a strong team of  portfolio managers and increased usability by launching both ETFs and mutual funds to our offerings. We were one of the first in the world to embed Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) across our entire investment process and we’ve launched many Canadian-first funds that have broken new ground and helped shape the future of asset management.

The industry has changed dramatically, but the core of who we are has not. The ideas that began with that single sheet of paper have evolved, through what we’ve learned from every single customer, into the new Purpose Investments brand.

It’s time to re-tell our story in a way that encompasses the energy that drives us now. And a time for the thoughtful Canadian investors who’ve joined us to see themselves — their outcomes, their successes, their dreams — in every chapter. We want to make it even simpler for you to quickly learn what we believe in, how our approach is unique, and what that means for you.

An evolution of our commitment to hold our principles at the core of our business, our new look is more than just a visual upgrade. It’s intentionally designed to bring our principles to life through every point where we interact with you.

Whether you’re a customer now, are thinking of becoming one in the future, or are just reading about Purpose for the first time today (hello, by the way), we want to make sure you see your potential for greater success in everything we do. With the stories we share, the information we make easy to access, and the groundbreaking approaches to investing we build with you in mind.

As part of our commitment to transparency, we’ve simplified how we articulate our principles and are sharing them with you. You’ll find their influence embedded throughout everything our new brand touches, but most importantly they’ll form the foundation for what you can expect from us when you invest with Purpose.

They’re what make us different. And, ultimately, they help us create for you the type of investment experience we’d want for ourselves.

The Six principles at Purpose Investments. 1. Outcomes over benchmarks 2. Proactive risk protection 3. ESG always 4. Accessibility for all. 5. Value for money 6. Advantages from start to finish G

1. Outcomes Over Benchmarks.
Your life isn’t based on beating a benchmark. We help you realize success through the individual outcomes that matter to you. Our team of investment professionals has seen it all, so we know that long-term outcomes are more meaningful than short-term metrics.

2. Proactive Risk Protection.
We guard our clients against risk by adding a layer of care in everything we do. We all know that markets will rise and markets will fall. None of us can change this. However, we can give you more comfort along the way.

3. ESG Always.
A modern investment firm doesn’t need to compromise superior returns for social responsibility. We’re one of the first firms in the world to embed Environmental, Social and Governance at the foundation of how we build products. This means that when we allocate capital on behalf of our investors we both drive incredible performance and support companies they believe in.

4. Transparency and Choice.
Our investment strategies, approaches and results are open for you to see. Find a strategy that suits you best: whether it’s a mutual fund or ETF, we’re agnostic so you can choose how you want to invest.

5. Value for Money.
When you focus on meaningful outcomes and the person behind the investment, a quality strategy will always be worth it in the end. We continuously look to offer our clients attractive fees and, most importantly, we know our products are priced fairly for the quality of strategy they offer and the strength of returns they deliver.

6. Your Money. Ready When You Want It.
From start to finish, our tax-efficient structures make sure that we’ve maximized the funds in your pocket. All the while, our approach to liquidity keeps your cash at-the-ready. Your money is yours and should be ready when you need it.

Our principles help us pay close and careful attention to everything we create, manage and build for you. The way we’ve integrated them across our entire business is what makes us stand out and be truly able to help you achieve meaningful long-term success. Our industry-leading approach to ESG is how we support companies that will make the world will be a better, healthier place. And our value-building strategies of active management, tax efficiency and freedom of choice ensure that your money is there for you, maximized by us, whenever you need it.

This is nothing new. But our brand new look takes our good old principles and re-introduce them to you in a way that matches the potential of everything Purpose has accomplished since we launched and lays a stepping stone for our future.

Because the future is where our focus lies. We’re not here to make sure you beat a benchmark next week. We’re here to think about how to make sure you hit every milestone between today, next year and the next 20 years.

And we’ll be with you, thoughtfully focused on helping to make your dreams come true, every step of the way.

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Som Seif is the CEO of Purpose Investments

Som Seif