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Posted by Purpose Investments on Oct 19th, 2023

Purpose Investments Unveils Tactical Thematic Fund to Access Market-Leading Growth Trends While Minimizing Downside Risk

Systematic approach to thematic investments selects leaders based on momentum with an automated sell discipline to take the emotion out of the exits.

Toronto, October 19, 2023 – Purpose Investments Inc. (“Purpose”) is proud to announce the launch of the Purpose Tactical Thematic Fund (the “Fund”), a tactical thematic equity fund that uses momentum indicators to capture uptrends across the market’s most dynamic themes, combined with a rules-based sell discipline that defuses the emotional biases that can cause investors to hold onto these trades for too long. The Fund will begin trading today on Cboe Canada (formerly Neo Exchange Inc.) under the ticker RTT. The Fund also offers conventional series A, F, I, XA, XF, and XUF mutual fund shares.

Building on the proprietary methodology pioneered with the award-winning Purpose Tactical Asset Allocation Fund (ticker: RTA), the Fund will use a rules-based strategy that targets thematic investments positioned to benefit from disruptive shifts in cutting-edge fields like renewable energy, biotechnology, and AI. The investment process is designed to build exposure to themes with the strongest uptrends while avoiding and exiting those in a downtrend.

“Thematic investing is an inspiring and innovative space. Catching onto those themes can be easy, but far too often, knowing when to exit those positions can be challenging,” says Vlad Tasevski, Head of Asset Management, Institutions and Investors at Purpose. “With the Purpose Tactical Thematic Fund, investors can gain exposure to those rising themes, before many others even see the uptrend, with an emotionless tactical sell discipline for when those trends turn.”

Key benefits of the Fund include:

  • Upside exposure to innovative and transformational sectors with market-leading price growth.
  • Diversification across opportunities, limiting concentration risk in a singular market trend.
  • Automated de-risking methodology to instill an emotionless exit discipline.
  • All-in-all, a core solution to incorporate market-leading growth opportunities into a portfolio with built-in risk management to manage the volatility.

“Investing in thematic ETFs is exciting and can really provide a growth tilt for a portfolio,” says Craig Basinger, Chief Market Strategist at Purpose and the Fund’s portfolio manager. “Unfortunately, many investor experiences with thematic ETFs have been poor, buying late and holding on too long. With our rules-based process, we believe we have created a safer way to gain exposure to this exciting part of the market.”

As Purpose Investments continues to lead the way in innovative financial products, the Purpose Tactical Thematic Fund represents the firm’s latest step in identifying underserved areas for investors and solving their challenges with unique tools to thrive in dynamic market environments. Learn more about the Fund here:

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