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Posted by Purpose Investments on Oct 22nd, 2019

Purpose Investments Launches Canada’s First Fund to Replicate the Outcome of Structured Notes

Purpose Investments Inc. (“Purpose Investments” or “Purpose”) today announced the launch of its newest innovation, Purpose Structured  Equity Yield Portfolio (“the Fund”). The Fund will be available today in  two mutual fund versions, Series F (management fee of 0.65%) and Series  A (management fee of 1.65%).

The first of its kind in Canada, Purpose Structured Equity Yield Portfolio replicates the outcomes of multiple structured notes into a mutual fund solution. The Fund is a one-ticket solution that pairs a stable and tax-efficient yield with contingent downside protection built  in via an actively-managed derivatives-based strategy.

“Purpose Structured Equity Yield Portfolio provides investors with an elegant approach to adding stability with above-market yields, even while traditionally stable investments, like fixed income instruments, are seeing their returns compressed,” said Som Seif, CEO and Founder of  Purpose Investments.

Purpose employs a multi-factor portfolio selection strategy to create a diverse portfolio with a lower correlation to broad equity markets.  This includes:

  • Analyzing macroeconomic factors such as earnings, dividend yields, interest rates, economic/business cycles and geopolitical risks.
  • Selecting Global and North American equity indices that have strong  fundamentals, creates value, and reduces risk in a portfolio.
  • Investing in derivatives that provide exposure to selected indices, stable income through coupon payments, and contingent protection against losses.

“Uncertainty can manifest in many different ways. One of the best strategies to guard against it is to add stability,” said Greg Taylor, Chief Investment Officer, Purpose Investments. “Purpose Structured  Equity Yield Portfolio is an innovative, tax-efficient approach to build stability during times of uncertainty.”

To learn more about how the Fund uniquely meets the challenges of uncertainty head-on and how it will benefit thoughtful Canadian  investors, visit

For product-specific information, visit Purpose Structured Equity Yield Portfolio.

About Purpose Investments

Purpose Investments is an asset management company with more than  $8-billion under management. Purpose Investments is built around the  core values of risk management, quality investment strategies,  transparency, accessibility and sustainability. Purpose Investments is  led by well-known entrepreneur Som Seif and is a division of Purpose  Financial, an independent technology-driven financial services company.

For further information please contact:

Matt Padanyi

Purpose Investments Inc.
Tel: (877) 789-1517

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