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Posted by Purpose Investments on Jul 16th, 2020

Purpose Investments Inc. Appoints New Manager to Purpose Duration Hedged Real Estate Fund; Fund to be Renamed to Purpose Real Estate Income Fund

Purpose Investments Inc. (“Purpose Investments” or “Purpose”) is pleased to announce today that Barry Morrison and Michael McNabb of Purpose (“the Managers”) have been appointed as managers of Purpose Duration Hedged Real Estate Fund (“the Fund”) (TSX: PHR). The Fund will also be renamed to Purpose Real Estate Income Fund to more accurately reflect its new investment strategy. There will be no change to the ETF ticker symbol. This change will take effect on or about August 4, 2020.

The change in manager is being undertaken to enhance the value to unitholders. In the Fund, the Managers will use an active, fundamental approach to investing in real estate equities, taking advantage of their decades of combined experience, including a long track record of managing REITs. The Managers will also employ technical analysis to assist in security selection, drawing on macroeconomic factors and trends in addition to company-specific growth, equity and value factors.

“We are both honoured and excited to manage Purpose Real Estate Income Fund. Given what has happened so far in 2020, there is a significant opportunity for attractive returns by using active approach in the real estate sector. But it won’t last forever.We believe our combined experience and investment process will be a great value to our non-institutional clients at Purpose,” said Mr. McNabb.

“Right now, public REITs are undervalued relative to the private market. The opportunity for investors lies at the heart of that disconnect. The current low-interest-rate environment is likely to benefit the real estate sector by allowing companies to refinance at a lower cost. It should also benefit investors who are looking for income and have been starved by other traditional sources,” he added.

Barry Morrison is one of the most experienced investors in Canada, with a career spanning more than 50 years. For most of his career, Mr. Morrison has managed money for pensions, pooled funds and private wealth clients. He joined Purpose in 2018 when the company purchased institutional assets from LOGiQ Asset Management.

Michael McNabb has been working in the finance industry since 2003, advancing through client-service roles and working his way up to portfolio management. He has been working closely with Mr. Morrison since 2008, focusing on dividend-income securities, particularly REITs.

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