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Posted by Purpose Investments on Dec 29th, 2023

Purpose Investments Inc. Announces Final 2023 Distributions for Purpose Mutual Fund Trusts

Purpose Investments Inc. (“Purpose”) today announced the final annual capital gains distributions for its open-ended exchange-traded funds structured as mutual fund trusts (the “Funds”) with a December 31, 2023 tax year-end. The distributions represent capital gains realized by the Funds during the year.

Details of the per unit distribution amounts are as follows:

Final Annual Capital Gains Distributions

Purpose Mutual Fund Trusts

Ticker Symbol


Final Annual Capital Gain Distribution Per Unit

Distribution Type
(Cash or Notional)

Purpose USD Cash Management Fund – ETF Units



$ 0.8108

Notional Distribution

The annual capital gains distribution for Purpose USD Cash Management Fund listed in table above will be paid as notional distribution. With a notional distribution, the units issued from the distribution are immediately consolidated with the units held prior to the distribution. The number of units held after the distribution is therefore identical to the number of units held before the distribution.

The notional capital gain distribution will be applied to ETF holders of record as at the close of business on December 29, 2023. The ex-distribution date for the notional capital gain distribution will be December 29, 2023. 

The actual breakdown of taxable amounts of reinvested distributions for 2023, including tax factor allocations, will be reported to the brokers through CDS Clearing and Depository Services Inc. in early 2024.

Purpose confirms that  Purpose High Interest Savings Fund, Purpose US Cash Fund, Purpose Cash Management Fund, and Black Diamond Impact Core Equity Fund will not declare a special distribution in 2023 tax year.

About Purpose Investments

Purpose Investments is an asset management company with more than $19 billion under management. Purpose Investments has an unrelenting focus on client-centric innovation, and offers a range of managed and quantitative investment products. Purpose Investments is led by well-known entrepreneur Som Seif and is a division of Purpose Unlimited, an independent technology-driven financial services company.

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