Purpose Marijuana Opportunities Fund

Purpose Marijuana Opportunities Fund

Canada’s first actively managed cannabis fund and the number one marijuana fund in Canada. MJJ recently marked its first anniversary and returned 53.43% surpassing the Solactive North American Marijuana Index.

One-year return*


US exposure*


Management fee


* As at January 31, 2019
Purpose Marijuana Opportunities Fund * Purpose Marijuana Opportunities Fund (MJJ) performed 53.43% in its first year since inception; from January 31, 2018 to January 31, 2019. Source: Bloomberg

Cannabis investing: The active advantage

Purpose Marijuana Opportunities Fund (MJJ) is Canada's first actively managed cannabis fund, designed to help investors grow their portfolios by tapping in to the burgeoning global cannabis industry.

The Fund is powered by expert portfolio managers, including Purpose Investments CIO Greg Taylor, who use fundamental analysis and risk-management techniques to invest in the best companies across all the cannabis-related subsectors.

How to buy MJJ

Advisors, please contact your rep or email us.

ETF ticker: MJJ on the NEO Exchange
Class F: RAM2420
Class A: RAM1420

Investing in MJJ is easy: it can be bought as an ETF on the NEO Exchange under the ticker MJJ or as a mutual fund on Fundserv.

Portfolio Managers

Active management is crucial in the marijuana space, which is rapidly evolving due to changing regulations and social taboos, because it allows investors to buy in to the winning companies and themes that are driving the industry. Our experienced Portfolio Managers focus on investing in cutting-edge companies and avoiding the followers.


Greg Taylor |

Chief Investment Officer

Nawan Butt |

Portfolio Manager