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Purpose Structured Equity Yield Plus Portfolio

The purpose of this fund

  • Actively managed derivatives strategy provides income with contingent downside protection
  • Targets a stable, enhanced 7.25% yield (Class F)
  • Tax-efficient income from its corporate class structure
  • The Fund will use leverage in an amount not exceeding 25% of NAV at the onset of the Fund
  • The amount of leverage could increase beyond the 25% limit due to the change in value of fund’s investments up to 50% of NAV
Greg Taylor, CFA
Jason Chen, CFA, FRM

Managed by -

Greg Taylor, CFA, CIO

Jason Chen, CFA, FRM

Purpose Investments

ESG Risk RatingWhat is ESG?

No ESG score is shown for this fund because either (1) the fund's mandate does not incorporate single security selection, rendering ESG analysis something that cannot be assured on a portfolio management basis, or (2) Purpose does not currently have access to ESG scoring data for >50% of the fund's positions. ESG scores are not shown for these funds as they might be misleading or misrepresent a fund's ESG integration or lack thereof.