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Purpose Gold Bullion Fund

The purpose of this fund


    Our own gold in our own vault

    The gold in the fund isn’t just a paper claim, it’s actual one kilogram gold bars with specific identifiers. The metal is fully allocated and stored on segregated basis.


    Securely stored

    We hold our gold in our own area of the country’s most renowned vault, The Royal Canadian Mint. Our auditors visit in person every year to ensure the right amount of gold is being safely and separately stored away.


    Redeemable for bullion

    When you buy our fund, you’re buying real gold. It’s your gold and you should be able to access it how you want to. Denominations of one kilogram or more are eligible for an in-kind redemption, where your gold is shipped directly to you, securely delivered.


    Easy to trade

    Our fund is as easy to buy and sell as any stock on a public exchange. It trades openly on the Toronto Stock Exchange as an ETF in currency hedged, non-hedged and USD versions. The fund is also available in mutual fund format and we offer bulk trading for advisors, at no premium or discount to NAV.


    Low Cost

    At just 0.20%, our management fees are the lowest on the market. With all the other features we’ve built into the fund, we think it’s the best value any investor can get if they’re looking for a convenient way to own physical gold.

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