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Active Fixed Income

Purpose Canadian Preferred Share Fund

The purpose of this fund

  • A diversified portfolio of Canadian preferred shares from predominantly investment-grade issuers
  • Tax-efficient monthly distributions
  • Active focus on capital protection to reduce risk
  • Fundamental investment process includes both top-down macro-economic analysis and bottom-up stock selection
Sandy Liang, CFA

Managed by -

Sandy Liang, CFA,
Portfolio Manager

Jeremy Lin, CFA, MBA,
Associate PM

Purpose Investments

ESG Risk RatingWhat is ESG?
AS AT MAY 20, 2022
% Holdings rated by Sustainalytics: 74.50%ESG Risk Rating Score - Best: 22.13ESG Risk Rating Score - Worst: 23.23*Unmanaged Risk is measured on an open-ended scale starting at zero (no risk) and, for 95% of cases, a maximum score below 50.

ESG Risk Rating Score History

ESG Risk ratings, powered by Sustainalytics, evaluate a fund's position-weighted exposure to material and unmanaged ESG risk, as well as management efforts to mitigate those risks where possible. A lower score indicates low-risk exposure and transparent, active ESG risk management.

ESG scores are not shown for every fund. When an ESG score is not shown, it is because either (1) the fund's mandate does not incorporate single security selection, rendering ESG analysis something that cannot be assured on a portfolio management basis, or (2) Purpose does not currently have access to ESG scoring data for >50% of the fund's positions. ESG scores are not shown for these funds as they might be misleading or misrepresent a fund's ESG integration or lack thereof.

Fund-level ESG scores are derived from Sustainalytics data on a weighted-average basis. Scores are presented on an absolute basis, and not subjectively relative to a peer group. Sustainalytics research on management indicators is updated annually, and controversy research is updated as events occur. As the fund's positioning changes and Sustainalytics scoring are updated, the overall ESG profile is not expected to remain constant. Sustainalytics is one of several providers of ESG data, and its evaluations of corporate ESG performance may differ materially from its competitors. An overview of Sustainalytics' ESG methodology can be found here:

Although the fund does incorporate ESG security selection in its investment process, it does not operate with ESG investment objectives. Further disclosure can be found in the prospectus available on the Documents Tab. The ESG score is not intended to represent how well ESG factors are incorporated into the fund's investment process.