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Purpose Canadian Equity Growth Fund

The purpose of this fund

  • Active selection process with a focus on momentum and long-term growth prospects
  • Disciplined risk management adjusts market exposure in response to macro and technical factors
  • Tax-efficient returns from its corporate class structure
  • Winner of the FundGrade A+ Award* in 2021
Bruce Campbell

Managed by -

Bruce Campbell

StoneCastle Investment Management

Bruce Campbell is the founder of StoneCastle Investment Management. He has more than 25 years of experience managing funds and has worked for some of the largest investment dealers in Canada and the US.

ESG Risk RatingWhat is ESG?

No ESG score is shown for this fund because either (1) the fund's mandate does not incorporate single security selection, rendering ESG analysis something that cannot be assured on a portfolio management basis, or (2) Purpose does not currently have access to ESG scoring data for >50% of the fund's positions. ESG scores are not shown for these funds as they might be misleading or misrepresent a fund's ESG integration or lack thereof.

*These annual awards recognize the best of the best among Canadian investment funds that have maintained a high FundGrade rating throughout a calendar year. FundGrade ranks and grades Canadian investment funds monthly against their peers using risk-adjusted performance metrics measured by Sharpe Ratio, Sortino Ratio, and Information Ratio. It’s a completely quantitative measure. To make the grades relevant, funds are only measured against similar investment products with comparable investment mandates. Find out more at www.fundgradeawards.com.