Our Story

Who We Are



Purpose Investment’s is focused on managing some of the highest quality investment funds in Canada available for all investors, large or small. We use intelligent and disciplined rules-based investment strategies to manage all of our investment products we offer. Our business is firmly rooted in the methods and processes of institutional money management. Our DNA is etched with the rigor of managing risk.

We don’t look and act like everyone else, and that’s by design. Our line-up of investment funds we offer covers both traditional long only investment strategies and risk managed alternative strategies. We have designed each product to have a “purpose” – to meet a specific goal and to play a role in building the most resilient portfolios for you. Many of the products therefore are not designed to beat some superficial benchmark that no one knows what it will return in any year. By ignoring the urge of trying to beat the benchmark over the short term and rather focusing on achieving specific investment outcomes, over time we are confident we will achieve these outcomes but also in fact outperform the markets as well.

Our focus as a company is be a “Positive Social Utility” – a firm focused on adding more value to society than it extracts. It is what drives us. We do this by putting our clients first and helping them win. If our clients win, then we win.

We believe that you can do better and have more. Our Purpose is to help you get there.


We Started with a Blank Piece of Paper…

…with the goal of building a business that would become the benchmark by which our industry and peers would need to look up to. We focused on the five core factors that we believe matter to our investors and to us:

1. Smart Investment Strategies

Anyone can offer a low fee index product. But what’s more valuable is adding high quality investments strategies with low fees. We use intelligent rules and disciplines to select and weight the all the holdings in our portfolios. More value for less, we deliver this.

2. Low Fees

Low fees are critical to long term net returns and success for every investor. So we are delivering some of the lowest fee investment products in Canada… Available to everyone.

3. Transparency

Transparency is as important to us as it is to you. We sleep well at night knowing our investment strategies are sound, and we want our investors to as well. So just look and you will see everything.

4. Ease of Use and Accessibility

We wanted everyone to be able to Invest with Purpose how they wanted and with the comfort of the product they feel most at ease with. Our funds offer both exchange traded fund (ETF) and mutual fund classes designed to allow any advisor or investor access to our products.

5. Tax Efficiency

Saving tax is critical to long term wealth creation. Our unique corporate class structure provides you with a more tax-efficient total return and income streams.





We are building an investment company that is not just leading innovation here in Canada, but on a global basis. And we wanted to prove this could be done from Canada. Canada has many great accomplishments to be proud of in the investment world, including claiming some of the most innovative and well-structured pension funds in the world, to the creation of the world’s first exchange-traded fund.

However, much of what is available for the broader investor in Canada is less innovative and we believe too expensive relative to the quality delivered. We are focused on changing that. We want every Canadian to have access to the best investment products in the world, at the lowest price.

Something we can all be proud of. That’s our Purpose.

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