Our Story

Purpose is an investment company leading innovation in Canada. Canadians have many great accomplishments to be proud of in the investment world, including some of the most innovative and well-structured pension funds on the planet and the creation of the first ever exchange-traded fund. However, much of what is available for the broader investor in Canada is less innovative, and we believe too expensive relative to the quality delivered. We are focused on changing that. Our goal is to always be innovative, and to make investing simple, intuitive and more affordable for everyone. In other words, it’s the kind of investing experience we want for ourselves.

Our Founder

Som Seif is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Purpose Investments Inc., which he formed following the sale of Claymore Investments to BlackRock Inc. in March 2012. At the time, Claymore Investments organically grew to $8 billion in assets and established itself as a Canadian leader in bringing intelligent, low-cost investment products to investors through its family of 34 exchange-traded funds across broad asset classes.

Prior to Claymore Investments, Mr. Seif was an investment banker with RBC Capital Markets. There, he played a key role in developing the structured products group in both Canada and the U.S.

Som is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has a Bachelor of Applied Science with an emphasis on Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Toronto. He has a strong commitment to community and is currently a member of the Sunnybrook Hospital Foundation Board, Chair of the Art Gallery of Ontario Corporate Development Committee, a member of the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Foundation Board and University of Toronto Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Advisory Board, and a board member of The Next 36. In 2011, Som was recognized for his vision and leadership by Caldwell Partners International with the Top 40 Under 40 award.

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Our Investment Ideas

Alternatives With Purpose

Alternative strategies have long been used by institutional investors to diversify and lower overall portfolio volatility, because their returns have historically shown low correlation to those of traditional asset classes. These tools are becoming more important than ever as interest rates rise off historic lows, potentially undermining the long-term bull markets in traditional asset classes, and we’ve worked hard to make them more accessible to all investors.

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Fixed Income With Purpose

Fixed-income products have been a cornerstone of protecting wealth within your portfolio. They provide regular income distributions and overall stability, as prices tend to move in the opposite direction of equities, especially during a downturn. However, a rising-interest-rate environment means managing your fixed-income portfolio will require more care.

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Equity Income With Purpose

Equity-income strategies have long been key to building resilient portfolios. Dividend-paying stocks typically provide the bulk of long-term portfolio returns, offering a powerful mix of income, capital gains and typically, lower volatility than broad market indices. Going forward, broad exposure to equity income across various geographies and sectors will continue to be an important part of a resilient portfolio that can help fulfil your need for income and get you closer to meeting your financial goals.

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Cash With Purpose

Cash won’t make you rich, but that doesn’t mean you should leave returns on the table. Our cash solutions deliver some of the most attractive yields among Canadian and US cash funds, all backed by Schedule 1 deposit accounts and guaranteed credit unions in Alberta and British Columbia. Our funds are also easy to access with daily liquidity and low minimum balances. Cash’s purpose in your portfolio is to give you flexibility and peace of mind.


Equity Growth With Purpose

Growth equities are the driving force behind capital appreciation in your portfolio. They offer you the chance to capture the success of the world’s most cutting-edge companies that are innovating for the future. But finding the best businesses in a busy world is no easy task, and certain niche asset classes are often difficult to navigate.

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Pension Ideas With Purpose

Our pension portfolios incorporate deep research on economic and market trends with security-specific analysis to invest in the best opportunities across equities, fixed income and options markets. A multi-strategy approach is key to building a truly resilient portfolio that will better protect your wealth in any market environment.

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