Purpose Specialty Lending Trust

A private lending solution tailored to the needs of investors in today’s market, with attractive risk return, low interest rate sensitivity

Why private debt?

At $1 trillion USD globally, private debt is still an emerging asset class that continues to flourish as institutions have stepped in where banks no longer lend.

The Fund

Current Allocations

Targeted Portfolio

  • Terms
    Price: $10.00 per unit
    Tax Status: Registered
    Structure: Offering Memorandum
    Minimum Purchase: $10,000
    Leverage: Maximum of 15% of NAV
    Currency Hedging: Hedge the $US exposure back to $C
    Redemption: Monthly, 90 days’ notice
    Settlement: T+15
    Distribution Policy:
    Will not have a fixed quarterly distribution amount, but distributions are initially targeted to be 8.0%.
  • How to Purchase
    Class F1: PFC3401
    Mgmt Fee: 0.65
    Performance Fee: See Offering Memorandum

    Class A1: PFC3400
    Mgmt Fee: 1.65
    Performance Fee: See Offering Memorandum

Funds Closures To Date

Originates senior secured loans and uni-tranche loans in the lower middle market companies located throughout the U.S. and Canada
Primarily focused on directly originated senior secured loans made to performing middle-market borrowers located in North America
Comprised of investments in the specialty lending market through origination, peer-to-peer platforms, and privately negotiated loans to lower middle-market companies
Syndicated leveraged loans of non-investment grade companies mainly in the U.S., as well as in Canada and Europe
Opportunistic, global credit strategy that includes investments in equities, credit and distressed debt
Senior secured first lien corporate loans and other loan investments in private equity sponsor-owned portfolio companies and selectively, other borrowers

Fund Distributions

  • Series F
  • Series A
  • Series U
  • Class F
  • Class A

Interested in Specialty Lending?

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