OMERS Invests with Purpose

By now, you may have heard or read about our exciting news about the future of Purpose. Today we announced that OMERS Platform Investments, the innovation arm of OMERS Pension Plan, will become a strategic long-term partner in our business through the purchase of a minority stake in Purpose.

Four years ago when we founded Purpose, we had a strong vision of the future of the industry. We had just come off the building and the sale of Claymore Investments  ̶  a business we remain incredibly proud of because of the impact it had on the industry – and we were excited about the opportunity to create an even better fund company.

A better fund company that would focus not on beating benchmarks, but on creating a better investor experience, and most importantly, on helping Canadians reach their investment goals. To achieve this, we focused – and continue to focus – on five key values that we believe help us achieve this “better fund company”:

  1. Strong, fundamentally driven investment strategies aligned with the highest-quality portfolio construction,
  2. Risk management principles designed to optimize for risk-adjusted returns first in our products,
  3. Transparency across all that we do, because that’s what we would want,
  4. Accessibility for all investors to our investment products, and last but certainly not least,
  5. Low fees.

Four years into this journey, we have been gratified by the early success – we currently manage over $3.3 billion in assets, and we are very proud of all our products and their returns. We have focused on controlling what we know we can; optimizing for risk and applying our fundamentally driven, long-term investment strategies, knowing they will deliver over the long term despite the short-term randomness of the markets.


Since the inception of our company, we have been approached by numerous strategic and capital partners, but we never felt the need to bring a partner into our business. With OMERS, however, we see a long-term and patient partner that is entirely aligned with our vision. As one of the largest pension funds in Canada, with over $85 billion in net assets under management, OMERS brings an amazing depth of experience, scale and credibility to help us execute our business plan.

Our original ambition with Purpose was to create a great leader in the industry and build a sizeable independent investment-management firm, but we were realistic of the headwinds small independents face. Today, we put those aside and focus on taking our business to new heights. This transaction will help us advance our business faster and further than we had originally anticipated.

What’s Next?

Our discussions with OMERS started two years ago, and we have curated a partnership that we believe will help Purpose become one of the pre-eminent independent investment firms in Canada. We have a strong business plan focused on solving the problems advisors and investors face in building their portfolios.

What you will see from us in the months, quarters and years ahead will be a continued effort to lead our industry and to set the bar for what an investment company should be. That means a continued focus on intelligent strategies and risk management, and on returns that are benchmarked to investor and portfolio outcomes, not a random index. It also means launching innovative, accessible products that meaningfully contribute to achieving investors’ long-term goals. This is our mission, and we have an amazing group of individuals dedicated to making it happen.

Thank you for your support and interest in us.  And remember, always Invest with Purpose

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