NexC Partners Corp. Annual Redemption Update

NexC Partners Corp. (the “Company”) (TSX: NXC) would like to announce that the annual redemption condition for the March 2015 annual redemption date has not been triggered as described in the Company’s prospectus. Over the four month period ended February 28th, 2015, the Class A shares traded on the TSX at an average discount of 4.48% to the net asset value per Class A share on a volume weighted basis.

The Company continues to surpass its long term objectives of providing attractive income and capital appreciation for investors through an investment in a high quality portfolio of North American dividend-paying equity securities, while also providing an opportunity to participate in the growth of Purpose Investments. From the Company’s inception date of February 20, 2013 to February 28, 2015, the total return for the Class A shares over the period was 29.36% and the annual compounded total return was 13.58%.Since the launch of NexC, the value of Purpose Investments has grown to represent $0.32 per share, or approximately 2.7% of the Company’s net asset value. Purpose now manages over $1 billion in total assets and as Purpose continues to grow, the investors in NexC will continue to benefit.

“We are extremely proud of the performance of NexC and what it has provided to investors since its inception in February 2013. The launch of NexC represented the inception of Purpose Investments Inc. and the catalyst for what we have brought to the market – the highest quality investments for the lowest price. What makes NexC special is that it is made up of a high quality North American dividend portfolio and an equity stake in Purpose Investments, making the investors in NexC partners alongside of us in our business.” said Som Seif, President & CEO of Purpose Investments.

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