Why choose alternatives with Purpose?

Alternative strategies have long been used by institutional investors to diversify and lower overall portfolio volatility, because their returns have historically shown low correlation to those of traditional asset classes. These tools are becoming more important than ever as interest rates rise off historic lows, potentially undermining the long-term bull markets in traditional asset classes. Over the past five years, we’ve worked hard to make these sophisticated strategies more accessible to all investors.

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A portfolio manager explains how market neutral strategies aim to deliver absolute returns in any environment.

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A quick overview of how Purpose Multi-Strategy Market Neutral Fund allocates assets.

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A look at how hedging works and its effect on the overall investing experience.

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How new rules around alternatives will impact investors, advisors and the industry.

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A portfolio manager dives in to why a put-writing strategy is a powerful tool for investors.

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An explanation and visualization of Purpose Premium Yield Fund.

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