A Bolder Look to Celebrate Purpose’s 3 Year Anniversary

It has been three years since we first launched our flagship funds at Purpose. It is hard to believe, in this short time frame, we have grown exponentially to manage over $2 billion in assets for more than 66,000 Canadian investors. While our growth has been amazing, more importantly, it has allowed us to reach new heights with an expanded roster of simple yet diversified products that meet the needs of our growing client base.

A New Look for a Bolder Future
Every day we focus our efforts on continuing to position Purpose as the best investment company in Canada by demonstrating why we are relevant to all investors and our marketplace. This is reflected in our evolution as an organization that has brought to market some amazing innovative products and services. However, we didn’t feel that this evolution, innovation, and relevance was coming through strongly enough in our brand and messaging. So, we set out to refresh our brand to reflect what we are today and will continue to be in the future – an intuitive investment solutions provider that is changing the way people invest and whose products help investors develop more resilient portfolios. Through art and science, entrepreneurial spirit, honesty, curiosity, and empathy, we bring innovation to our industry through our products, our services and by our example. The Purpose brand has always been positioned as a catalyst for change, and with our refresh, this vision comes across more than ever before. We aim to speak with a voice that is authoritative, confident and bold. Our new visual identity is designed to be simple, modern and graphically pleasing. The candid, direct and truthful way in which we present our funds and highlight our values is an effort to give investors the confidence they should have when investing with us.

Our redesigned website features an improved user experience, based on the needs and feedback of the clients we serve:

    • A clean web interface, with scroll-over links to additional content and information according to the header each section is found under.
    • Streamlined links that ease access to the information that matters most to our clients, asking what type of investment they want first, before directing users to the fund information that best meets their needs.
    • More rich and interactive content, which we will be rolling out over the coming months, such as portfolio builders and comparison tools, fund videos and resource links.

At Purpose, we don’t just see ourselves as selling investment products – we are focused on selling an integrated, progressive investment approach that differs from other fund companies.

We are excited to continue our growth over the coming years. Our brand refresh reflects where we are today, and see ourselves in the future: a smart, intuitive and simple, user-friendly investment company that ultimately gives our clients access to the investment information they need.

While Purpose isn’t about a new colour palette or a redesigned website, our refreshed look represents how we help you, our clients invest better and meet your investment goals. We won’t stop here. We will do everything we can to continue to evolve and make your experience with Purpose even better while we also live up to the trust you place in us every day.

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